Omicron LT-STM/AFM


Located in Surface Science Reserach labotroary, S7 Level 1.

Createc LT-SPM

Located Surface Research Lab, S7-01-06.

Combined with 3T magnetic field and optical lens.


Quantum Design Liquid Helium recycle system

Located in Surface Research Lab, S7-01-06.

ATL 160 system, produce >20L LHe daily.



CVD Tube Furnace


Located in MD1 Level 14 lab. 1 inch tube and 4 inch tube. Mult-zone tube furnaces.

Electrochemical Workstation CHI


Located in MD1 Level 14 lab. CHI 6600 and 7600 series.

4-probe Station & Keithley 4200 System


Located in MD1 Level 14 lab.

Schlenk Line and UHV Annealing Chember


Located in MD1 Level 14 lab.

Clean Room Facilities in CA2DM

Located in Level 1, S14, CA2DM.

Image source: Centre for Advanced 2D Materials, NUS.



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