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April 2023  Congrats! Tao’s work accepted in Nat. Nanotech

Prof Lu was honored to receive Young Researcher Award 2022  (NUS News

Prof Lu was honored to receive Young Scientist Award 2021 (NUS FOS)

Feb 2022  Congrats! Xiao’s work highlighted in Nat. Nanotech

Nov 2021  Congrats! Xiao’s work published in Nat. Nanotech

Sep 2021  Congrats! Xinnan’s work accepted in Nat. Commun.

Jan 2021 Congrats! Jing’s work highlighted in  Nat. Mater.

Nov 2020 Congrats! Zhizhan’s paper published in Nat. Commun.

Nov 2020 Congrats! Mykola’s paper accepted in Sci. Adv.

Oct 2020 Congrat! Jing’s paper published in Nat. Mater.

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